Comfort & Clarity with Contact Lenses in Sarnia

If you’ve tried contacts before and found them uncomfortable or hard to maintain, we have options for you! Contact lenses nowadays come in three types:

  • Soft lenses are made from a kind of gel-like plastic called hydrogel and cover the entire cornea. There are now variations of soft lenses which transmit more oxygen to the eye for greater comfort.
  • Gas permeable (GP) lenses are made of more rigid plastics than soft lenses but engineered to be more permeable to oxygen. Although generally smaller than soft lenses, many wearers with strong prescriptions for astigmatism or presbyopia (farsightedness) find they have clearer vision with GP lenses than soft lenses.
  • Hybrid lenses are made up of a GP lens material in the centre with a surrounding soft lens. Wearers find these give them both comfort and clarity of vision.

All contact lenses need to be regularly replaced to avoid infections. We offer a range of options from daily disposable lenses to continuous wear lenses.

If you find yourself squinting or experiencing more frequent headaches, if your eyes feel tired at the end of a day in front of the computer screen or if your child’s grades seem to be slipping, schedule an eye exam. Dr. George P. Bociurko is committed to offering customers top quality products and brands for contacts and glasses. Call today and book an eye exam. Our staff would love to fit you for contact lenses.

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